meeting an online friend

how to meet with an online friend

Hello friends ! We are gonna talking about social medias, how to meet with an online friend .  As we know , social medias are also , these days , playing a crucial role in our life. Where we are all creating a new world and making some friends. Social medias online friend are also be a part of our life and sometimes we want and wish to meet them all in real.

Some of us , falls in love with them and creating an eager wish to meet them as soon as possible. You want to meet him/her but in actual , when it comes about what if you will be noticed by her/him in real ?

This things definitely make you in a tention or a little worried . Cause you met him/her on social medias where you are not introduced by her/him real life. You will have many questions in your minds if you set a plan meeting with him/her.

We make friends in real life and we make on social medias also. But both are different things to handle. It can be scary to meet with your social medias friends. We make friends then we propose her/him to love and then this love touches the inner feelings to have a meeting with him/her.

meeting an online friend

Here we are talking about some points to notice how to meet with our online friend in real . It might be that it is not your first time when you are doing so. But after that , you also want to need to know cause you thing without knowing any acknowledgement about ” how to meet with online friend ” .

You really need to know about the real things . It’s really necessary to know otherwise your first meeting will be destroyed or disappointed you . And your partner will never allow you to meet again. You just need to know these basic but important points for your first meeting…….

Before meeting online friend , know about what is his/her likes and dislikes :-

this is really most important things . If you set a plan to meet with your person then you really need to know about what is the likes of your friends in actual.

If you decided to meet him/her. You really need to know about the choices like what she prefers like- she loves flowers then you need to take for them , what they love to eat , and their habbits and choices. Why you need this all to know ?

I think you understand everything now clearly. You have to do this all to impress them . Your first impressions can leave a last longing impression on their hearts. People likes the person who care them a lot more. And when you will do what they like is the best care.

Care is a second form of love. And your friends are meeting with you just because of that care. You need to know the choices they prefer.

You need to give your online friend what he/she likes -:

this is the most important things. To express your love , you need to present any attractive gifts to your partner and if you know about their choices then it could be the best that how much you’re careable to your friends.

If you cannot afford those things which she/he likes then you can choose what you can afford to purchase or you can take some flowers or maybe chocolates. Gifts attract to your friends. And you definitely need of this all to do. It’s not enough expressing your love by words , you need to show it and you have to purchase a gift for him/her.

And you have to notice that if you meet him/her , she also had a present for you then it shows you both like each other. It shows the care by that you want this relationship more attractive and never ever forgettable. So your gifts can attract the surroundings of love in your heart.

You need to listen your onlinr friend :-

it’s a problem with us always that when we have our first meeting with our partner we always speak and speak to impress your partner. But we are making you out a basic and most important things that your first meeting can be destroyed by you if you will talk more and more. So what to do ? You need to listen him/her.

Or if she gives you chance to speak or say something about you then you start speak , otherwise this is the best way to give them first chance to speak. It can really make this meeting awesome to your partner.

Your partner loves the one who really likes to listen them not to listen at them. You need to know about your partner and because of this you can realize the value of them. You know words tell us about a personality about a man/woman. So much you will listen , so much you can understand about your friend.

Never spoil your first meeting. As much as you speak , it looks like a cheap. It could be that you want to joke or something to tickle your friends but it’s not fair. It’s your first meeting and you need to speak as much as necessary that time.

Feel the time up that time is most important things. Just listen them , can make you.a good partner of you.


Give them chance to choice first :-

if you both make a plan to meet in real. And for this you go in a restaurant , a hotel or somewhere else , then give chance to your partner first to choose the things. It means that they will think about you ” they are your first priority”.

Never forget about first like of their choices could make you their Best partner. Should you give them first chance to choose anything , you would make an impression in their minds a D they can know about you that you are such a caring person.

Avoid drinking alcohol before or during your meeting –:

It could be that you are such an eager to meet with your online friends and you take drugs and drink alcohol also . It could feel very harmful to your first meeting . Your partner can leave you right away feeling you like that.

No one would loves to having a meeting like that and mostly if it is your first meeting. Always Avoid drinking alcohol before or during your meeting.

Your partner is scaring deep inside heart -:

This is the most important thing that if someone is comming to meet you in personal he or she might be scared cause he has no believe on you what you gonna do or will happened by you . The terror or fear of meeting can also destroyed the meeting or your first meeting.

You have to understand this things and then you have to decide to make them comfortable so that they can easily wear the surroundings on the right place.

They should feel that you are good to understand them and talk always to feel them comfortable. You must be understand this things and can make your meetings awesome.

Your online friend / partner wants to be your life partner-: “Few people when meet first time they feel that meeting each other was the purpose of their life.”
-: Amit Kalantri

Sometimes , people dares to meet with you just because they find their lives in you. You have to care for this and never disappointed them making feel you are not what they are searching for .

You need to understand the feelings and talk them on this topic and you need to know about the habbits and other things in them.

If you want to make yourself marry with your online friend , then you ready to get you. Never had any kind of bad intention in your meetings. It’s not better to lead any kind of relationship.

It’s a good fact to meet a stranger,but unfortunate when they have bad intentions in meeting you after the fact. Just know you have been loyal from the beginning.”
-: Touaxia Vang

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