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www.livepathshala.com is basically a blog website.

We provide motivational articles, inspirational stories, world’s best level guidelines and tips through our articles in Hindi to help our visitors to be more successful in their career.

We are trying to make their life more simple and ease, full of happiness and success.



Our tag line is for the better results.

We believes that there is always left something for everybody to be learned and implemented in their life to be more successful and a persons of more values.
We believe that our articles will help a failure to be confident enough in the future and to try again for his success.
By reading our articles a good person can become better, a better one can become best, a best one can become excellent and an excellent one can also learn something by our blogs to become more effective and successful.



Most of the contents of our articles are articles are self written and some are translated.

Most of our articles are based on success, career, personal growth, education, students, student’s life related issues, small business and relationship.

Images we use

Most of the images we uses are non-copyrighted images taken from pixabay.com and other similar websites who provides license for using their non-copyrighted images for any commercial usages without any restrictions.

Some of the images used by us are also self-made by us.


Language we use

We use our national language Hindi for writing most of our articles but wherever we feel that some words of English would make the article more effective and easy to understand by our readers then we use English there.
So it is well to say that we are using both Hindi and English.


Spelling and Grammar errors
We used to check thoroughly for spelling or any grammatical error in our articles before publishing them on our site. Whoever if there are only very few spelling errors then please ignore us.
But if you feel there is a need of serious corrections then please let us know at admin@livepathshala.com . We will be very thankful for your great support and we’ll take immediate actions on your concerned.


We will make any changes in this page according to our requirement.
This page is last modified on 7th September 2016

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